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Earth Farms compost makes soils and plants healthier and more resistant to disease and insect damage without the use of toxic chemicals.  Our composts can significantly reduce dependence upon toxic chemicals on farms, and in landscapes, lawns, and gardens. For more info visit


Protect Water Quality

Toxic chemicals used in landscaping and agricultural applications contaminate groundwater, creeks and rivers.  By improving soils with natural organic amendments and mulches, you are creating more sustainable growing practices.

    • Increasing your soil's percentage of valuable organic matter;

    • Buffers Soil pH;

    • Improving the tilth of your soil and making heavy clay soil workable;

    • Improving the moisture holding capacity of your soil;

    • Reducing erosion while protecting water quality;

    • Improving your soil's porosity and aeration to the root zone;

    • Adding huge populations of beneficial micro-organisms into your soil;

    • Providing slow release nutrients and minerals to your soil and plants without leaching.


Earth Farms Products and Applications:


Earth Farms composts are used by our region's best landscape architects, contractors, and farmers.


Plants were placed in soil at the same time.  Compost results in bigger, stronger roots, and better results.


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Earth Farms Turf Blend

Apply 1/4" to 1/2" of Earth Farms Turf Blend over existing turf (0.80 to 1.60 cubic yards per 1000 sq. ft.)  Compost is screened 1/4" minus for a smooth top dressing application on top of Turf Grass.


Earth Farms Compost

Turf Establishment
When laying sod - amend soil with compost to create a healthy foundation for tender roots.  Amending soil with Earth Farms Compost adds structure and nutrients.  Your lawn will grow with a lush green look!

1.  Prior to applying the compost, prepare the soil by tilling the site.  Thoroughly work and loosen      soil to be planted 5 to 6 inches deep.
2.  Uniformly apply 1-1/2" to 2" of Earth Farms Compost (4.70 to 6.20 cubic yards per 1000 sq.      ft.) over entire area.


Trees and Shrubs

Uniformly blend one part of Earth Farms Compost with three parts of excavated soil.


Earth Farms Garden Blend

Flowers & Garden Beds
Give your new garden a good start by amending the soil before you plant.  Use Earth Farms Garden Blend to add structure and nutrients to the soil.  Earth Farms Compost and Aged Pine Bark Fines are ideally blended to give water retention and vital nutrients needed for a healthy landscape.  Uniformly apply 1-1/2" to 2" of Earth Farms Garden Blend (4.70 to 6.20 yards per 1000 sq. ft.) over entire area.


Earth Farms Topsoil Blend

Plant-in ready Blend of local soils, compost and sand is recommended for any landscaping projects where tilling the local soil is not possible or is undesirable. 


Earth Farms Custom Blends

Bio Retention Media, Roof Top Garden Media


Bark Mulches

Great for landscaped beds and paths. Works well for week suppression and moisture retention.


Earth Farms diverts organic waste from area landfills and composts it into nutrient enriched compost and soil blends at our 110-acre facility.  We are always researching and testing to produce the highest quality soil amendments possible for the agriculture, turf, and landscaping markets.  Earth Farms helps clients be less dependent on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides while producing more drought-resistant crops, plants, trees, and lawns.


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Natures Better Way to Grow!


Beter Crops, Lawns, Plants and Flowers Without Toxic Chemicals, NO BIO SOLIDS



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